Recreational & Educational Projects


These projects include boardwalks, boat launches, nature centers, and other coastal education centers. Recreational and educational features are important to the Parish in promoting the use of coastal resources and educating the public on the importance of coastal restoration.

Bucktown Harbor

Laketown Jetty & Boat Launch

The Laketown boat launch on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain has seen significant sediment accretion in the past years, leading to operation and maintenance costs of dredging and removing the sediment. The project objective is to restore the function of the Laketown Boat Launch, located at the north end of Williams Blvd., through reconstruction of the settled ramps, reconstruction of the docks to a usable elevation, and dredging of the boat launch channel. Incidental repair to the adjacent pavement, pavilion and toilet building are included. The proposed project actions will include dredging sediments from the harbor and boat launch areas, disposal of the dredge spoil in the western portion of the project area, and construction of a breakwater system to reduce future sedimentation within the harbor and boat launch area. Beneficial use of dredge spoil material will be deposited in a fashion which maintains appropriate elevations to establish wetlands and marsh habitat.

Lake Villa Pond

In an effort to preserve marsh land, cleanse storm water runoff, and increase ecological education, Jefferson Parish Government is Preserving wetland heritage in south Louisiana. Goals of the Lake Villa Pond are as follows:

  • To establish an identifiable and appealing facility along Lake Pontchartrain Shore
  • To embody the unique character of Jefferson Parish
  • To educate the public on wetland and marsh ecological systems and their ability to cleanse water runoff from pollutants
  • To maximize the natural wetland filtering process for surface and ground water
  • To promote healthy lifestyles for young and old alike


An outdoor classroom for the public to gather, rest, and inform, the raised pavilion offers 360° views into the marsh land and provides a stage for a classroom setting.


The use of sediment excavated from onsite to build terraced land in shallow open water areas of the existing pond. The marshes will provide vital habitat for birds and a variety of fish as well as be utilized for cleaning a portion of stormwater that’s pumped from Kenner area. The Lake Villa Pond project is an educational facility, that manages storm water quality, and provides recreational opportunity for the region.


Pedestrian bridge is proposed to cross the Open Channel by free spanning bridge or culverted land bridge depending on funding availability.