Council Contact Information



Contact Information

Ricky J. Templet

Councilman At-Large,

Division A

Brett Lawson, Chief of Staff

East Bank:  Suite 1016, Office: 504-736-6615   Fax: 731-4646

West Bank: Suite 6200, Office: 504-364-2616   Fax: 364-3499

Scott Walker

Councilman At-Large,

 Division B

Brian Grenrood, Chief of Staff

Ashley Ellis, Aide

Marc Burmaster, Aide

East Bank:  Suite 1018, Office: 504-736-6016   Fax: 736-6598

West Bank: Suite 6200

Marion F. Edwards


District 1

Terry Talamo, Chief of Staff

Trudy Benoit, Aide

West Bank: Suite 6400,  Office: 504-364-2607   Fax: 364-2615

Deano Bonano


District 2

Angela Callais, Aide

Dwayne Munch, Aide

East Bank:  Suite 1013, Office: 504-736-6607   Fax: 731-4433

West Bank: Suite 6300, Office: 504-364-3446   Fax: 364-3417

Byron L. Lee


District 3

Pamela Watson, Chief of Staff

Calvin Thompson, Aide

East Bank:  Suite 1011, Office: 504-736-6591   Fax: 736-6598

West Bank: Suite 6500, Office: 504-364-2603   Fax: 364-3704

Dominick F. Impastato, III


District 4

Mike Quigley, Aide

Brenda Campos, Aide

East Bank:  Suite 1015, Office: 504-736-6622   Fax: 736-6639

Jennifer Van Vrancken


District 5

Jeffrey Simno, Chief of Staff

Lauren Averill, Aide

East Bank:  Suite 1014, Office: 504-736-6634   Fax: 736-6632

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Council Staff Information

Sonny Burmaster

Chief of Staff

Office: 504-736-6617

Eula Lopez

Parish Council Clerk

Office: 504-364-2626

Jeremy D. Dwyer, Esq.

Director Research & Budget

Office: 504-736-6594 &


Deontrinelle Green, Esq.

Director of Legal Analysis

 Office: 504-736-6594 &



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East Bank Council Address
Joseph S. Yenni Building
1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., 10th Floor
Jefferson, LA 70123-2337
Receptionist: Office: 504-736-6600
Fax: 736-6633

West Bank Council Address
General Government Building
200 Derbigny Street, 6th Floor
Gretna, LA 70053-5850
Receptionist: Office: 504-364-2600
Fax: 364-2636