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You are encouraged to utilize our online permitting system @ 

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to ensure compliance with laws pertaining to structural development within Jefferson Parish in an efficient manner for the overall safety of our citizens and visitors.


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Jefferson Parish has implemented pre-inspections for all residential generator permits to verify that the proposed generator location meets manufacturers installation instructions and technical code requirements for the safety of occupants of ALL surrounding buildings. 

Checklist to Apply for a Residential Generator Permit

  • Current survey of property 
  • Site plan noting the location of the proposed generator including setbacks from abutting lot lines and adjacent structures
  • Total cost of generator including installation
  • Completed Site Selection and Preparation Form - CLICK HERE (All highlighted dimensions must be provided)
  • Generator's Manufacturer's Installation Instructions

Note: Per Title 17 Part 1 of the Louisiana Uniform Construction Code Council amendments section 107, IRC section 315.2.2 Item (4) effective Jan. 1, 2023, when a permanent fuel fired appliance including standby generator is installed outside, carbon monoxide alarms are to be installed inside each separate sleeping room and on in the living area. The owner must provide access to the inspector to verify new or existing carbon monoxide alarms are installed in accordance with the code. *If existing residence already has carbon monoxide alarms installed, the inspector must be provided access to verify the alarms comply with the code.