Environmental Affairs

The Department of Environmental Affairs is tasked with overseeing the delivery of some of the most critical and visible public services provided to Jefferson Parish residents — from garbage and recycling collection to management of the Parish owned landfill.   The Department also oversees the mosquito control program which provides surveillance and treatment of disease carrying and nuisance mosquitos and a rodent control program that offers complaint investigation and consultation.

In addition to monitoring the activities of the contractors engaged in the delivery of essential services, which collectively operate under contracts in excess of $35 million annually, the Department is responsible for the following key functions:

  • Managing the State of Louisiana’s Stormwater General Permit, LAS000201, as it relates to the Parish’s MS4 Permit and construction sites within Unincorporated Jefferson Parish
  • Managing and administering the Parish’s Pretreatment Program
  • Assisting other Parish departments with permitting and maintaining compliance with local, state and federal environmental regulations
  • Establishing Household Hazardous Waste collection programs, expanding and organizing opportunities for municipal waste diversion and litter abatement
  • Enforcement of local environmental codes related to the storage and collection of solid waste, mosquito breeding, illegal dumping
  • Provides public education and staff training to enhance understanding and ensure compliance with local, state and federal environmental programs
  • Maintain the state and national Keep Louisiana/Keep America Beautiful affiliate programs