The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) assists eligible households in meeting the costs of home energy for heating/cooling. The Louisiana Association of Community Action Partnership (LACAP) is responsible for the administration of the LIHEAP program, and Jefferson Community Action Programs (JeffCAP) is responsible for certifying household eligibility.

The primary goal of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is to assist eligible households to meet the cost of home energy for heating and cooling. The second goal of the program is to conserve energy and to reduce the energy cost of these households through the weatherization of dwellings units. The final goal of this program is to provide for energy crisis intervention in instances of household financial crises, unemployment, etc.


The LIHEAP Program serves eligible households that meet the eligibility criteria. It specifically targets those households that contain one or more individuals who are:

  1.     0 – 5 years old
  2.    Disabled
  3.    Sixty years or older

To be eligible, household must meet 60% of Estimated State Median Income for each Fiscal Year. 

# Household Monthly Income Limit:
1 $2,066
2 $2,702
3 $3,338
4 $3,973
5 $4,609
6 $5,245
7 $5,364
8 $5,483
9 $5,602
10 $5,722

Add $110.00 to the monthly income limit for each additional member over 10.
Please call your local Community Center to receive the most recent income requirements.


Assistance through LIHEAP utilities provides direct payments to Entergy and ATMOS Energy. The program is design to assist on-going accounts; it cannot avert cutoff or provide reconnect fees or deposits.

Crisis Assistance — The program provides for an energy payment up to $600. A household can receive only one crisis payment benefit during a 12 month period (365 days).

Cooling Assistance — The program provides for an energy payment up to $800 towards the household’s cooling cost. A household can receive only one cooling payment benefit during a 12 month period (365 days).

Heating Assistance — The program provides for an energy payment up to $800 towards the household’s heating cost. A household can receive only one heating payment benefit during a 12 month period (365 days). 


JeffCAP has eight (8) Community Centers; Six (6) centers on the West Bank of Jefferson Parish and two (2) on the East Bank of the Parish. Intake procedures for the LIHEAP are as follows: An applicant has the opportunity to call for an appointment. To expeidite the process, applicants can complete and print applications online; applications must include supporting documentation (listed below). Appointments are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Applicants must be Jefferson Parish residents. All documentation is needed to process your applications. These documents are required for all members residing in your household.

  • A current driver's license or identification card for all members in the household 18 years or older 
  • Social Security Card for each household member
  • Proof of income of all members in the household 18 years or older 
    • Earned income wagers should bring the following:
      • Last four (4) consecutive check stubs for income
      • Those who are unable to furnish the above will provide a Verification of Employment form (VOE) that their employer must fill out.
    • Unearned income must also be provided:
      • Unearned income includes, but is not limited to, alimony, retirement benefits, worker’s compensation, supplemental security income, Social Security, etc.
      • Documentation of unearned income includes but not limited to award letters, annuity letters, court judgments, current bank statements (for proof of SSA/SSI ONLY) and food stamps printouts dated within 30 days of the application date.
  • Your current utility bill (lights and/or gas) or any of your bills (light or gas) from the previous (6) months counting the month of application. (Depending on the season)
  • Applicants with out-of-state identification must submit additional proof of address (i.e. current lease)
  • Food stamp certification letter/print out dated within 30 days of application date.
  • Those applicants who live in subsidized housing/Section 8 must bring one of the following: For subsidized housing participants, HUD form 5005 or 50059; For Section 8 participants, the Section 8 Contract Sheet and Utility Allowance Worksheet (Form 52667) from PUBLIC HOUSING AUTHORITY. 


Click on links below to download forms.