Professional Services Questionnaires

ProfessionalServices QuestionnaireIn order to be considered for selection to perform professional services for the parish or for any of its departments or districts the person or firm submitting must submit a copy of the questionnaire most recently approved by the council.

The questionnaire requires information about the person or firm interested in being selected to perform professional services for a particular project and information identifying the project itself. The questionnaire shall be considered a statement of interest of the person or firm submitting said document in performing the professional services required by the project and shall also include a statement of the qualifications of the person or firm submitting to perform said professional services.

You may download a professional Services questionnaire by selecting one of the links below:

You may download the SOQ Affidavit Form by selecting the link below. The Affidavit must be submitted prior to contract ratification, but it may also be submitted with the questionnaire above.

Specific information regarding the selection of persons or firms for professional services may be found in the Code of Ordinances.