Review Process

How do I get started with an application?

Before you apply, please schedule a pre-application conference with a planner, via phone, email, or in-person. Development regulations are in Chapters 33 and 40 of the Code of Ordinances.

What will I need to submit for my application?

Once you have an application packet for the type of request you are making, the Instructions form will detail all the information that you will need to submit. Some materials are required to begin review of your application, and some can be submitted at a later date. You can obtain an application packet by requesting one from a planner or by visiting our office.

Are there any fees required for an application?

Yes, each type of application requires an application fee. Additionally, some applications require fees for recording the approved plan or plat or for advertising the case via letters and the newspaper. The application packet has a sheet that details fees for each type of case.

What is involved in the review process?

Requests may be approved either by the Planning Director – known as “administrative” or “ministerial” approval – or by the Parish Council – known as “legislative” approval. Review of applications will go through the following steps, depending on the type of application:

  • LURTC. All applications will go through an interdepartmental review. This review is commonly called LURTC and takes either 5 or 10 business days, depending on the type of application (most take 10). Once the LURTC review is complete, the planner assigned to the case will send you any comments that need to be addressed. If revisions are needed (for example, to your site plan), then the revisions will go through 5 business day LURTC review.

  • Administrative/Ministerial Approval. For those applications that can be approved by the Planning Director, once LURTC review is complete and all comments have been addressed, the Planning Director can approve the application.

  • Legislative Approval. For applications that must be approved by the Parish Council, once LURTC review is complete, the Planning Director will decide whether the application is ready to be advertised for the public hearing. In general, a case will be advertised if no major revisions are still needed, if all variances being requested are known, and if all information is provided for the Department to make its required recommendation. All cases decided by the Parish Council must first be heard by the Planning Advisory Board (PAB) or Old Metairie Commission (OMC). Cases heard by the PAB must be advertised three times (once per week) prior to the PAB public hearing. Cases heard by the OMC must be advertised one time at least five business days before the OMC public hearing. Once the PAB or OMC makes its recommendation, the Council can take action on the case. In general, cases located on the Eastbank will be heard at Eastbank hearings, and cases located on the Westbank will be heard at Westbank hearings.

So how long will this take?

For administrative/ministerial requests, an application will generally require at least two to three weeks for review and approval. This time frame will be longer if the application requires revisions and will depend on how quickly the applicant submits revisions for review.

For legislative requests, applications generally take at least three months. This time frame is driven by PAB, OMC, and Council meeting dates and requirements for advertising and for an ordinance to “layover” the mandatory three weeks before it can be acted on by Council. It will also depend on how quickly the applicant submits revisions for review.

In general, applications that must be heard by the PAB should be submitted to the Planning Department at least eight weeks prior to the PAB public hearing to allow time for LURTC review and advertising. Applications that must be heard by the OMC should be submitted at least five weeks prior to the OMC public hearing.

If I submit an application, then decide to stop, what will happen?

You may withdraw your application at any time. To do so, you must send a written request to withdraw to the Planning Director. Depending on when the request to withdraw is received, some of the fees may be refunded to you.

The Planning Department also reserves the right to cancel your application if no response is received from you within 30 business days of the Department sending LURTC comments to you. If an application is cancelled by the Department, no fees will be refunded.

To reactivate an application that has been withdrawn or cancelled, a new application with fees must be submitted. However, certain regulations prescribe a waiting period between similar applications.