Public Comment Period Board Meetings

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Statement of Policy: Public Comment Period during Board Meetings

It is the policy of the Jefferson Parish Personnel Board to provide a Public Comment Period at all Board meetings in accordance with the Louisiana Open Meetings Law.

  1. Public comments shall be limited to the agenda items upon which a vote is to be taken at that meeting, and the Public Comment Period shall consist of a singular period scheduled prior to action by the Board on the agenda items upon which a vote is to be taken.
  2. Persons wishing to comment during the Public Comment Period shall sign their names on the attached register and identify the agenda item(s) on which they intend to comment.
  3. The Board will allow up to three (3) minutes each for up to three (3) speakers, both Pro and Con, on each agenda item upon which a vote is to be taken at that meeting.
  4. The Board reserves the right to add to the number of speakers or to the allotted time as the circumstances dictate.
  5. To maximize the time for all speakers, the Board also reserves the right to limit the time of any speaker who is merely repeating what has been said by a previous speaker.
  6. In the event that a large number of speakers intend to comment on a single agenda item, the Board reserves the right to request they select one or more representative speakers to speak for the group.
  7. All comments shall be made respectfully, without any vulgarity or personal attacks on any individual.
  8. The Public Comment Period shall not be a question and answer session wherein the members of the public ask questions and/or demand answers of the Board or public employees.
  9. The Board shall take actions necessary to uphold this Public Comment policy and maintain order and decorum in the meeting.