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UHC Health and Wellness

Annual Employee Wellness Challenge - Last call to sign up!!

    It is finally here!  Our 4th Annual Parish Wide Wellness Challenge!  This challenge is so much fun and enjoyed by all!  We have modified the challenge a bit to take social distancing into consideration.  More details to come, but if you wish to participate, sign up now with the link below.


    • April 5th - May 21st
    • This is a points system.  The person that loses the most weight MAY NOT win the challenge.  This challenge involves many healthy habits that I hope you will all adopt.  If you are looking for a crash course diet with fast weight loss, this is NOT IT!  This is about changing your ways, creating healthier ones, and starting your year off on the right foot.  
    • The entry fee is $10 and is not due until your initial weigh-in.  100% of your entry fee goes towards the overall jackpot.  Last year the jackpot was over $1,200, and that was divided between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
    • Register here:

    Monthly Health Observance

    Healthy Weight Awareness

    Are you at a healthy weight?

    See where you stand.  It may inspire you to make positive changes.  Am I at a healthy weight?  It's an important question to ask.  Check out these resources to help:

    Health Tip of the Month

    Learn about the Dietary Guidelines

    Check out this month's Health Tip Flier on Dietary Guidelines

    United at Work Podcast of the Month

    Dietary Guidelines Podcast

    Evidence shows that healthy eating patterns are associated with positive health outcomes.  The evidence base for the correlation between eating patterns and specific health outcomes continues to grow.  Listen to the podcast to learn more!

    United at Work Dietary Guidelines