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Sidewalks / Driveways & Permits
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Approval from the Engineering Site Plan Review Section is required for all commercial driveway permits prior to the installation of any improvements in the public right of way. Email Vincent Acosta or call (504) 349-5174. You can also call the Department of Engineering at (504) 349-5173 or (504) 736-6500.

 Permitting Processes for Commercial Driveways Approval(s)

Commercial Building Permits

All new, or changes to existing commercial developments (as determined by the Department of Building Permits or Planning Department) will require Engineering Site Plan Review approval before the building permit may be issued by the Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement. The documents required for site and driveway review must be included in the documents required for commercial building permits. The approved site plans included with approved building permit plans, serve as the driveway permit.

CPZ Offsite Improvements

When a development located in a Commercial Parkway Overlay Zone (CPZ) does not trigger full compliance with the CPZ requirements as determined by the Planning Department, off-site improvements within the Parish right of way are required. These improvements include the following:

    • Installation of tactile warning surfaces where the public sidewalk intersects either a driveway apron or street corner.
    • Improvements or Repairs to the existing driveway aprons and sidewalks (If applicable).

These improvements must be shown on approved site plans included in the documents for a building permit.

Commercial Parking Lots

All new parking lots and driveways not associated with building permits must be reviewed and approved by the Engineering Site Plan Review Section.

 Additional Departments Review

During the review process, approval from the departments listed below, when required, must be granted. The requirements from these departments may affect the layout of the proposed development.

  1. Information on Drainage Requirements
  2. Information on Control of Vehicular Access to the Development and Circulation of Vehicular Traffic
  3. Information on Compliance with Zoning Requirements
  4. Information on the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (L.D.O.T.D) Driveway Permitting Process

 Forms and Documents

  1. Site Plan Review Requirement List - This is the complete list of requirements for site plan review. The applicable items required depend upon the type of proposal
  2. Commercial Detail Handouts
  3. Driveway permit only application - (PDF)
  4. Public Works Commercial Standard Details
  5. D.O.T.D. Commercial Driveway Application