Common Violations

East Bank Office
Joseph S. Yenni Building
1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Suite 202
Jefferson, LA 70123
Phone: (504) 736-6961

West Bank Office
1855 Ames Blvd., Suite A
Marrero, LA 70072
Phone: (504) 364-3505


  • Grass exceeding 8” in height
  • Trash and debris on the property
  • Inoperable/abandoned vehicles on the property
  • Parking on the front lawn
  • Running a commercial business out of the home
  • Maintaining commercial equipment on a residential property
  • Placing temporary signs without Council approval
  • Structures in need of repair
  • Boat/RV parked in the wrong location on private property
  • Running a daycare without Parish approval
  • Illegal parking such as blocking the sidewalk
  • Holding a garage sale without a permit
  • If a building is structurally unsound (walls or roofing missing and/or large holes in such, leaning buildings etc)
  • Any structure that is vacant and boarded for a period of more than 6 months and which does not have an active permit and no substantial work being performed or which has a permit but substantial work has not begun
  • Building is occupied but there is no running/potable water
  • The property is opened to the general public via a door, or window or missing sections of the building. Swimming pool not properly fenced in
  • Short Term Rentals
  • Boarded properties
  • Unsecured and vacant properties
  • Building in danger of collapse

    Property Maintenance Section:

    The Property Maintenance Section enforces Parish zoning laws pertaining to the use of a property and enforces ordinances pertaining to the proper upkeep and maintenance of buildings and private property.  Zoning Section also enforces the same as Weed Control but specifically regarding occupied properties.  If a violation remains after the compliance period has passed then the matter goes to an administrative hearing by the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication wherein hearing costs, fines and other penalties or requirements for action are assessed. 

    Weed Control Section:

    The Weed Control Section enforces laws regarding vacant and/or abandoned properties that are cited for high grass, junk and debris and abandoned or junked vehicles.  If such violations are cited and remain pass the compliance date then the Parish contractor will clear the violation and assess such expenses to the property owner. 

    Dangerous Building Abatement (DBA) Section:

    The Dangerous Building Abatement Section enforces laws against structurally unsound buildings/in danger of collapse, vacant and boarded properties, properties that are vacant and open to the public, and ensuring that vacant properties wherein a swimming pool is located is properly fenced/secured.  If a DBA violation is issued and the property does not come into compliance, the violation is set for an administrative hearing by the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication wherein hearing costs, fines and other penalties such as demolition or securing of the property can be authorized to be completed by the Parish at the expense to the property owners. 

    Short Term Rentals/Lodging License Section:

    The Short Term Rentals/Lodging License Section regulates any and all lodging accommodations to verify such businesses are in strict compliance with the minimum standards set forth for such businesses.   Lodging businesses, including short term rentals, are only allowed in certain zoned districts and can only operate if a permit to do so has been issued by the Parish of Jefferson on an annual basis.  Any property in violation of such regulations will be cited by the Zoning Section and will be enforced by the Bureau of Administrative Adjudication.  Please click on the Short Term Rentals/Lodging License link for further details on how to apply for such permits. 

    Vehicle-for- Hire/Taxi Section:

    The Vehicle for Hire section regulates the Certificate of Public Necessity And Convenience (CPNC) for transportation throughout the parish.  Vehicle for Hire consist of metered or non-metered based vehicles. The driver must have a company license to transport passengers within Jefferson Parish. A company license is valid for one (1) year from the date of issue and is non-transferable. If renewal is not obtained, the license is revoked.

    Do Not Toss Section:

    Residences that do not want to receive advertisements from newspaper companies or local publishers can include their address on this “Do Not Toss” List wherein businesses are put on notice to throw such items onto properties that are included in this list.  Please select the Do Not Toss List link for further information.