Hurricane Dashboard

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30 and every year Jefferson Parish is at risk of being impacted by a tropical storm or hurricane. Every storm is different and it is important to have the following in place:

1. A communications plan to ensure that you can connect to loved ones and get information from Jefferson Parish and other local officials.

2. A plan to shelter in place and the supplies you will need to stay at home during a low-level storm. If you shelter in place, you should be prepared for potential power outages and other utility disruptions.

3. A plan to evacuate during a major storm including how you will leave Jefferson Parish and where you will stay. You will also need to know what items you will take with you.

4. A plan to prepare your home or business for the impacts of the storm whether you shelter in place or evacuate.

Jefferson Parish Emergency Management Director Joe Valiente encourages all residents to be prepared for this upcoming hurricane season by taking steps now to get ready for any possible severe weather events.