Humane Department

 Humane Officers Department: 

Please note, the JPAWS Humane Officers only respond to cases occurring within Jefferson Parish. To report an animal control incident, please call (504) 349-5536 during regular business hours; for after hours, call (504) 554-4744. 

 Services Provided: 

Below are the services the Humane Department provides for the citizens of Jefferson Parish: 

    • Investigation of dog attacks to humans and domestic animals
    • Enforcement of city and state laws specific to animals
    • Emergency response to sick or seriously injured domestic animals, vicious domestic animals, reports of severe animal cruelty, possibly rabid animals, or possible human or domestic animal exposure to wildlife when rabies is a concern
    • Investigation of animal cruelty
    • Removal of stray dogs from streets and public areas
    • Pick up of stray dogs from residences and businesses
    • Regulation and inspection of kennels - commercial and private 
    • Dog license enforcement
    • Rabies vaccination enforcement 

 Raccoon FAQ:

Q: If there is a raccoon in my attic, will the Humane Department remove it or rent me a trap to remove it? 

A: The Humane Department only deals with wildlife concerns when a human or animal has been bitten or attacked. Therefore, the Humane Department will not remove a raccoon from an attic, nor provide a trap to remove it. 

Humane Wildlife Control agencies can help resolve these situations but do charge a fee. 

For more information on Nuisance Wildlife, visit the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at