Animal Concerns


Rabies is a viral disease that affects the brain. Dogs, cats, humans and other warm-blooded animals can become infected with rabies if they are exposed. In recent years, horses, cats and bats in Louisiana have been confirmed carriers of the rabies virus. 

Louisiana state law requires that a rabies vaccination be administered by a licensed veterinarian. Jefferson Parish offers public rabies vaccinations on Tuesdays at the West Bank location from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. 

 Person Bitten: 

If a dog or cat bites someone, take any steps necessary to ensure that any wounds are treated appropriately with medical care. Report the bite immediately to animal control by calling (504) 349-5536 or afterhours at (504) 554-4744, so that an officer can respond and gather details of the incident. 

 Animal Neglect: 

If you are ever concerned that an animal is being neglected or cruelly treated, call the Humane Department at (504) 349-5536 or afterhours at (504) 554-4744, so that an officer can visit and check on the animal. The office will ask for a street address and description of the animal in question. Citizens may remain anonymous when filing complaints. An officer will inspect the premises to validate the complaint and speak with the owner in hopes of improving the animal's living situation.