Public Workshop - Integrated Green Infrastructure Strategy

Public Meeting

 Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, Joseph S. Yenni Bldg.
 1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Jefferson, LA 70123

What is Green Infrastructure?

Green infrastructure practices can reduce flooding and pollution entering waterways by using natural features like grass, soil, and natural drainage and filtration in addition to “grey” infrastructure or pipes and pumps.


Green infrastructure also offers additional valuable community benefits not provided by conventional infrastructure, such as groundwater recharge, runoff volume reduction, improved air quality, increased land values, temperature moderation and energy cost savings, and increased open space for recreation and wildlife habitat.


What will the Integrated Green Infrastructure Strategy do?

The Integrated Green Infrastructure Strategy provides a comprehensive review of existing plans, strategies and recent efforts aimed at balancing water throughout the parish in order to provide recommendations, including:

  • Specific text amendments to the Code of Ordinances addressing stormwater management, parking and impervious surfaces, with analysis and data supporting the amendments.
  • Policies or programs to be adopted by the Parish and/or its departments in their day-to-day operations or long-term planning.
  • Specific projects or project programs that would advance the IGI resilience or sustainability goals in parish.
  • Funding and next steps to support improved project planning, the creation of sustainable funding sources, and enable more competitive IGI project designs.


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