Special Permitted / Conditional Uses

The terms “Special Permitted Use” (SPU) and “Conditional Use” (CU) mean the same thing. They refer to a use of land that requires extra regulations and review. These uses may be okay in a zoning district, but only under certain conditions and with public input.

An example of a SPU/CU in unincorporated Jefferson Parish is a hair salon operated in a house in a residential neighborhood. This use may not always be appropriate in a residential neighborhood, so there are additional regulations that limit the size and scale of the hair salon.

Uses that require approval as a SPU/CU in certain zoning districts are listed on the back of this sheet.

How do I know if the use that I want on my property is a SPU/CU?

Consult with a planner in the Planning Department to discuss what you are proposing. The planner will discuss the regulations with you and the process for applying for the SPU/CU. Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To allow sufficient time for a planner to meet with customers, the department encourages customers to arrive by 4:00pm.

You may also view the zoning regulations online. Visit the Planning Department’s webpage and click on “Code of Ordinances” on the left menu bar.

How do I apply for a SPU/CU?

Complete a special permitted/conditional use application. The application fee is $200 per acre of land (maximum $5,000). You must also pay for advertising. Your application will be reviewed and the Planning Department will make a technical recommendation. The Planning Advisory Board will hold a public hearing and make a recommendation, then the Parish Council will hold a public hearing and make a final decision. The process generally takes at least three months.

My SPU/CU has been approved! What next?

You must still get any other required approvals for your project, such as a building permit or occupational license.

Also, some SPU/CUs must be renewed every two years. This renewal ensures that the SPU/CU is still being operated as approved. To apply for a renewal, contact the Planning Department. The renewal includes a $25 fee and an inspection by the Parish. If you do not renew your SPU/CU, it can be terminated.

How would I find out if a property near me is being considered for a new SPU/CU?

All potential special permitted/conditional uses must be advertised. At least one sign will be posted on the property. A notice will be published in the newspaper. Also, a letter will be mailed to all owners of property within 300 feet.

I want to show my support or opposition to a proposed SPU/CU. How do I do that?

  • You may send your comments to the Planning Advisory Board (PAB) via email, fax, or mail, or attend a PAB public hearing. PAB public hearings are Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. Information for the PAB can be found online at jeffparish.net.
  • You may contact a Parish Council member or attend a Parish Council public hearing. Council public hearings are Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. Information for the Parish Council can be found online at jeffparish.net.