Bulk Waste Application Requirements - Dumpsters

East Bank Office
Joseph S. Yenni Building
1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Suite 101
Jefferson, LA 70123
Phone: (504) 736-6957

West Bank Office
1855 Ames Blvd., Suite A
Marrero, LA 70072
Phone: (504) 364-3512

Bulk Waste Container Application Requirements (Dumpsters)

Applications may be submitted online at www.mygovernmentonline.org.

One set of the following items is required to apply for new bulk waste container (dumpster or tipper carts)
and enclosure permit:

  1. Current Survey of the property*. The Clerk of Courts office may have a copy in their records.
    Eastbank office:
    Joesph S. Yenni Bldg.
    Suite 603
    1221 Elmwood Pk. Blvd.
    Jefferson, LA 70123.
    Phone: (504) 736-6390.

    West bank office:
    General Government Bldg.
    Suite 2200
    200 Derbigny St.
    Gretna, LA 70054.
    Phone: (504) 364-2944.
  2. Scaled or dimensioned site plan showing all property lines, structures, fences, parking spaces, driveways and bulk waste container (dumpster or tipper carts) enclosure location.*
    The dumpster enclosure must be of adequate size for serviceability. The recommended size is 10’ x
    10’. Contact your present waste service company for minimal size and accessibility requirements for
    your particular dumpster prior to applying for permit. The tipper carts location shows where they will be stored except on collection days.
  3. Details and elevations of the dumpster enclosure:*
    a. Drawing must note that the enclosure is at least 12” taller than the dumpster container.
    b. If your business is determined to be a food handling or processing operation by the department of Inspection and Code Enforcement, the following plumbing note must be on the drawing:
    Installation of the drain, grease trap interceptor and hot/cold water lines must be filed with the Jefferson Parish Plumbing Section and installed by a licensed Master Plumber. Installation must be in compliance with all Jefferson Parish Plumbing codes;
  4. Completed application;
  5. Completed Tipper cart responsibilities form; and
  6. Check made out to “Jefferson Parish Pooled Cash”.
    * All drawings may not be larger than 11” x 17”
  • Residential 'multi-family' developments with 5 or more units and Commercial developments that produce bulky waste must provide a Bulk Waste Container.
  • Small Commercial Businesses that do not produce bulky waste may use Parish curbside collection, provided they remain within the limits of the service:
  1. One 95 gallon cart will be provided to each Small business unit free of charge..
  2. Small Business units are generally limited to two (2) 95-gallon carts..
  3. Carts are serviced 2 times per week on scheduled days. 
  4. Curbside recycling is available (regulation open - top bins only).
  5. All waste must be contained within the carts/bins.
  6. See www.jeffparish.net - 'Garbage and Recycling' for more information.

For more information about dumpster and enclosure permits, contact Inspection & Code Enforcement,
Commercial Plan Review Section at: (504) 736-6959 (Eastbank) or (504) 364-3515 (Westbank)
Revised: 6/28/11