Inspection & Code Enforcement

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to ensure compliance with laws pertaining to structural development within Jefferson Parish in an efficient manner, and to abate abandoned and blighted structures, for the overall safety of our citizens and visitors.

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The department is an umbrella agency consisting of the following sections:

Building Plan Review | Site Plan Review | Building Inspections

Together, Building Plan Review, Site Plan Review and Building Inspections (Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical) regulate all new construction and renovations by issuing permits for all structures, signs, trash dumpsters, and site restrictions within the Parish. In addition, the Plan Review section issues permits for garage sales in unincorporated Jefferson Parish.

Dangerous Building Abatement (DBA)

The Dangerous Building Abatement (DBA) Section facilitates the repair or removal of dangerous buildings.

 An electronic version of the Jefferson Parish Code of Ordinances can be viewed online at