Owner Occupied Rehabilitation



Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program - Interest Survey 

The Jefferson Parish Owner-Occupied Residential Rehab (OORR) program is an affordable housing initiative to help current lower-income Jefferson Parish (excluding the City of Kenner) residents remain in their homes and avoid displacement. Jefferson Parish OORR includes programs offering residents forgivable loans to make critical health and safety repairs on their homes up to $60,000. Senior households aged 62+ and are disabled will have priority in the programs.

The 2021 Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program will officially open on March 15, 2021. The application period will closed in preparation for the lottery on April 30, 2021. No applications will be accepted after this date. Interested applicants can bring their completed interest survey to our office at 1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Jefferson, LA 70123. The completed form can also be scanned and emailed to jpcdprograms@jeffparish.net. This program will only cover owner-occupied, single-family homes. Homes must be structurally sound and suitable for rehabilitation under the time and monetary constraints of the program. At the conclusion of the application period, a lottery will be held to determine who will receive assistance. This program will not have a waiting list. Any participants not assisted during this round of funding will need to reapply during the next application period. 

For more information about this program contact Community Development at:

1221 Elmwood Parkway Blvd.
Jefferson, LA. 70123
Telphone: 504.736.6262
Fax:            504.736.6425
E-mail:       JPCommunityDevelopment@jeffparish.net