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All lodging accommodations (including but not limited to permitted short term rentals, bed and breakfasts, hotels, and motels) must comply with all regulations & standards set forth in Chapter 17.5 of the Jefferson Parish Code of Ordinances.

Per Chapter 17.5, prior to operation of the above stated lodging accommodation, a lodging license must be applied for by the lodging proprietor and such lodging is not able to operate until the all requirements are met and the lodging license is issued by the Parish of Jefferson. As part of the application process for the license a criminal background check will be performed, verification with the Secretary of State is completed and the below provided affidavit must be executed. The below provided application, affidavit and application fee must all be submitted at the time of applying for the lodging license.

Download the appropriate forms and affidavits by clicking on their title:

Applicant must apply online at

Applicants for Hotel/Motel Lodging Accommodation License must provide:

  • A completed Jefferson Parish Lodging Accommodation License Application for a Hotel/Motel
  • Applicable ownership affidavit (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, or Corporation)
  • $50.00 application fee

All lodging accommodations are regulated under Ch. 17.5.  Please click on the below link for said regulations:

Once the initial lodging license is obtained prior to operation of such establishment, said license must be renewed every year on or before November 1st for the next following year.  If there is not timely compliance with obtaining the initial lodging license and/or renewal of the license such lodging accommodation will be cited by Code Compliance & Enforcement wherein possible fines and penalties may be incurred.  For any questions/concerns call (504)364-3560.