Professional Services Solicitation

Resolution 135324 - SOQ To Provide Professional Traffic Engineering Services

The Parish of Jefferson is hereby soliciting a Statement of Qualifications from additional persons or firms interested in providing professional traffic engineering services for the Department of Public Works on an as-needed basis for the remainder of the two year period, which commences on January 10, 2019 and terminates on January 9, 2021, with maximum allowable fees of $250,000.00 per year  (Resolution No. 135324).  (Deadline Date 3/5/2020)

Resolution 135319 - SOQ To Provide Professional Legal Services

Jefferson Parish hereby solicits Statements of Qualifications from individuals and/or firms interested in providing various professional legal services to the Parish.  (Resolution No. 135319).  (Deadline Date 3/5/2020)

Resolution 135162 - SOQ To Provide Landscape Architectural Services

The Parish of Jefferson is hereby soliciting the submittal of a Statement of Qualifications (Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) Questionnaire) from persons or firms interested and qualified to provide professional landscape architectural services on an as-needed basis for projects located throughout the Parish.  (Resolution No. 135162).  (Deadline Date 2/20/2020)

Resolution 135143 - SOQ to Provide Professional Financial Services

The Parish of Jefferson is hereby soliciting Statements of Qualifications from firms/individuals who are not otherwise in the business of raising capital, selling bonds, or refinancing existing debt for Jefferson Parish, who are interested in serving as Financial Advisor for Jefferson Parish.  (Resolution No. 135143).  (Deadline Date 2/20/2020)


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