Residential Permitting Requirements

Requirements for Submittal of Residential Building Permit Application

For Obtaining Building Permits for New Construction, Additions, and Repairs/Renovations to One And Two Family Dwellings, and Residential Accessory Structures over 400 square feet.

    Project Address, including Suite No. if applicable; Name, Address, Phone number, and Email address of Owner, Agent, Architect/Civil Engineer, and Contractor; include contractor license number for contractor. All required documents listed below must be uploaded in electronic form to the permit application.

  2. Property owner (for his/her personal residence) or his/her contractor may apply for and obtain building permit

    • Owner obtaining permit must submit Affidavit Claiming Exemption from Licensure (Form available at Permit Office)
    • Contractor must possess valid Louisiana State Residential Contractor’s License
    • Contractor without a valid Louisiana State Residential Contractor’s License applying for permit for home improvement with a fair market value between $7,500.00 and $75,000.00, must possess a Louisiana State Home Improvement Registration; State Home Improvement Registered Contractor must also possess a valid Jefferson Parish Home Improvement License.
  3. Current Stamped Survey. (Showing All Existing Improvements)

  4. One (1) Electronic Set of Dimensioned Stamped Plans by a Registered Architect or Civil Engineer.

    1. The following is the minimum information required on plans:
      • Plot Plan
      • Drainage Plan is required for new construction on lots with depth of 200 feet or more.
      • Foundation Plan (Pile Class/Length and Design Load)
      • Floor Plan
      • Building Elevations – Front, Rear, Sides
      • Framing Plan (direction, size, spacing, etc. of all framing members)
      • Section Framing
      • Construction Details
      • Additions Must Show Existing Floor Plan
    2. Design Specifications which must be indicated on plans:
      • Design Professional’s Statement of Responsibility Required by JP Adopted Code Amendments, Sec. 103.2.1
      • Specific Reference Code (i.e. IRC 2015)
      • Referenced Standard for Hurricane Prone Regions Used in Design
      • Basic Wind Speed Design
      • Method of Windborne Debris Protection for Exterior Windows and Doors R301.2.1.2 (IRC 2015)
    3. Any Wall or Projection less than 5’ from the property line must meet the IRC 2015 R-302 and R- 302.1, must show on drawing a 1 hour fire rating and indicate supporting materials and statement of rating. Sec. 8-2-103.2.4 J. P. Amendments. (For exception see LSUCC Sec. 301, 3.a.b.)
  5. Assurance of Infrastructure form must be approved by the Jefferson Parish Department of Public Works. (Form available at Permit Office or Jefferson Parish website)

    • Areas lacking infrastructure (such as Lafitte, Barataria, Waggaman, and South New Orleans may require additional approval from Public Works.
    • La. DOTD approval is required for all State Roadways.
  6. East or West Jefferson Levee District - permit required if within 1500 feet of Miss. River Levee or 300 feet of any other levees. (East) or (West)

  7. Metairie Ridge Tree Preservation District area - requires Tree Protection plan. Separate application or affidavit(s) required. (Forms available at Permit Office)

  8. Old Metairie Neighborhood Conservation District - requires approval. (Contact Planning Department during planning stage of project)

  9. For subdivisions which require Association or Architectural Review Committee approval, approval from subdivision must be provided or “Subdivision Review Agreement” must be signed by applicant. (Agreement form available at Permit Office)

  10. Lafitte and Barataria areas require approval from the following:

    • U.S. Army Corps. of Engineers
    • Jefferson Parish Environmental Affairs - Coastal Zone Management
    • La. State Health Dept. (for private sewer treatment plants)
  11. For any proposed construction which requires a variance to the Jefferson Parish Zoning Ordinance, a Board of Zoning Adjustments variance must be obtained before a building permit may be issued. (Application available at Permit Office)

  12. For any proposed construction which requires a variance or alternative to the currently adopted Building Code or Jefferson Parish Code Amendments, a Board of Standards and Appeals variance must be obtained before a building permit may be issued. (Application available at Permit Office)

  13. Approval from Parish Attorney is required before issuance of a building permit for any property which has been cited for any violation by Jefferson Parish Code Enforcement.

  14. For any repair, renovation, or addition with a fair market value equal to or exceeding 50% of the fair market value of the existing structure (Substantial Improvement), the entire structure must comply with all current code requirements. The following documentation may be required to determine if Substantial Improvement rules apply:

    • Itemized construction estimate from a licensed general contractor
    • Appraisal, Real Estate Broker’s Comparable Analysis, or Assessment value of existing structure.
    • If construction estimate exceeds 50% of existing building fair market value, a recent Elevation Certificate is required to determine if building meets current elevation requirements.
  15. Permit Fees;

    • For new construction of one and two family dwellings only, Consolidated Building Permit and trades Filing Fees based on total square footage under roof, are due upon acceptance of building permit application.
    • For all new construction other than one and two family dwellings, and additions; building permit fees are based on dollar value per square foot, in accordance with Section 8-2-104.2, or contract value.
    • For repair/renovation projects, building permit fees are based on contract or fair market value including materials and labor. Executed contract or licensed contractor’s estimate signed by contractor and owner may be required.